Working Groups

Working Groups are comprised of researchers, managers, stakeholders and other interested parties who will work together to address specific research, management, organizational or implementation issues for the Partnership.

Default working groups will be based on GBRMP participants who register their interests around Critical Issue Areas. Additional technical and scientific working groups can be organized and sanctioned with the approval of the Coordinating and Executive Committees.

In addition to Issue-oriented working groups, working groups have been formed for Information Management to facilitate information sharing and communication, Science Delivery to support technology transfer activities, and a Bromus species working group to coordinate science and management issues related to this important Genus. Other Working Groups will be established when needed as the Partnership develops.

Birds of Prey NCA Working Group (BOPWG)
The Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (BOP-NCA) Science Working Group (SWG) was formed to coordinate existing and proposed research and management plans in the BOP-NCA, and to promote collaborative science and management partnerships in support of technology transfer to agencies and organizations responsible for rangeland restoration throughout the northern Great Basin.

Bromus Working Group (BWG)
The purpose of the BWG is to coordinate networking on the distribution and abundance, impacts, and management of exotic and invasive species in the genus Bromus (Poaceae).

Information Management Working Group (IMWG)
The purpose of the IMWG is to facilitate communication and information sharing in support of the Partnerships goals.

Science Delivery Working Group (SDWG)
The purpose of the SDWG is to develop a science delivery program focused on understanding and managing fire in Great Basin ecosystems.