Science Delivery Working Group

Joint Fire Science Program Project, “Learning Together – Great Basin Science Delivery,” aims to develop a science delivery program focused on understanding and managing fire in Great Basin ecosystems. The purpose of this project is to empower Great Basin land managers to identify their technical needs with respect to fire and fuels, and to fulfill those needs through delivery methods preferred by federal employees. Activities to meet this goal include:

  1. Ongoing identification of needs
  2. Syntheses of scientific and agency information
  3. Web-based training
  4. Web-based clearinghouse
  5. Field workshops
  6. Networks of experts
  7. Program effectiveness assessments

In July 2009, a science needs assessment was initiated to determine the types of science information needed by Great Basin managers and the science delivery mechanisms that they preferred. The science needs assessment targeted technical specialists in the BLM, USFS, NPS and FWS who design and implement land management treatments related to fire, fuels, emergency stabilization and rehabilitation, hydrology and soils, range management, invasive species and wildlife. The assessment began with a training workshop to develop facilitators for focus groups that were held across the region. An experienced participatory processes specialist led the workshop, and a structured interview process was developed for the focus groups. Eleven focus groups then were led through the interview process by the trained facilitators. The agencies and number of participants included: BLM (64), USFS (27), NPS (10), Tribes (4), FWS (2), IDL (2), BIA (1), and USGS (1). Of these 111 participants, 77 were technical specialists and 34 were line managers. Outcomes of these interviews can be found in Learning Together: Great Basin Science Delivery.