GBRMP Consortia Database

Conservation in the Great Basin is increasingly being pursued through the creation of multi-agency interdisciplinary committees, consortia, coalitions, working groups, and partnerships. The GBRMP Consortia Database provides decision makers - including legislators, their staff, and agency personnel - and the public a way to easily identify the various groups and obtain a quick reference to their goals, points of contact, and relationships.

There are 3 ways to search the database: by selecting a consortium from a pull-down list of all GBRMP Consortia; by searching through GBRMP Consortia using a word in the consortium name; or by selecting from keyword, agency, and state lists. Click on the button that describes the search you want to use. A list of GBRMP Consortia that match your search criteria will appear to the right of the search. Click on a Consortium in the list to view details about the group and partners within that group.

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